Life is unfair.
Getting a job shouldn't be.

Get a job with confidence. Careera puts you in front of employers without the bias and ghosting in today’s solutions.

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You are more than a CV.

No more job applications with Careera

No more job applications

Careera matches you directly to the perfect job based on your experience, interest, skills and motivations. There is no need to write cover letters or customised CVs – we simplify the process and make it easier for both you and potential employers.

An unbiased match with Careera

An unbiased match.

Careera is a platform that promotes fair hiring practices. The process is completely anonymous until there is a match between the job and the talent. That way hiring managers can focus on finding the best match for the job.

No more ghosting.

Whether you get the job or not, you should expect an employer to keep you informed on how the process is going. Careera helps hiring managers make decisions and immediately inform the matched talent about the outcome. It’s simple and fair.

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